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Aurelia has her boudoir nude photo shoot at home as one of my Liberated Ladies. She makes her own hats

"Had a most enjoyable full day shoot with Ian shooting at my home for his Liberated Ladies project - a sort of portrait in situ concept, showing models relaxed in their own environs and capturing their essence both style and character wise. In addition to being highly personable, professional and prepared - Ian IMHO takes outstanding photos. He very clearly knows what he is doing technically as one of the most highly qualified photographers in the country -able to to adapt effortlessly to different lighting conditions and settings etc etc but more importantly due to his ability to develop a rapport seemingly effortlessly - he is genuinely VERY interested in the people he photographs and their lives - he captures something many other photographers cannot and this gives his photos a quality that is "special". He is also very generous when it comes to sharing his knowledge and expertise. I learnt a LOT from our session with his pointers on everything from hand position and how to how to pose more elegantly with various props to the business side of modelling. I basically cannot recommend Ian highly enough and cannot wait to work with him again in future. Thank-you Ian." Aurelia on Purpleport

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