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I am currently inviting some of my clients to take part in a coffee table book project with the working title, "Liberated Ladies". The concept is that normal people will appear nude in their homes, or doing something relevant to their passions in life. They can be anonymous, if they wish, any age over 18, all shapes and sizes. All will be depicted, as they say, in the best possible taste. Volunteers will be rewarded with a complimentary print and a copy of the book when it is eventually produced. If you would like to be considered for the project, please contact me, Ian or my wife, Christine Cartwright on 0161 485 2318, or e-mail

Liberated Ladies is an amalgamation of the projects "Cheshire Nudes", "Northern Nudes", and "Manchester Evening Nudes".

e-mail me on , or call me on +44(0)161 485 2318


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