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This Hong Kong Chinese girl studies drama and theology. Her bookshelf has Brecht, Shakespeare and the New Testament in Greek! She has ballet training. The photography was taken in the living room of her shared house.

"I shot with Ian a few weeks ago as part of his "Liberated Ladies" project after initially contacting him about working together as I really liked his style of portraiture. Pre-shoot communications were excellent and Ian was very professional sending over a release form and making sure I had arranged a chaperone in advance. What I found impressive was that he took time before shooting to have a chat with me and get to know me a bit which informed the different shots we tried out. We had talked about dance before but on arrival Ian had a good look at my bookshelf and saw me as an academic as well! Ian had loads of different ideas to try out during our time together and I love the "messy hair" shots he took of me -- normally I love my hair looking straight and smooth."

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