EJ had it all figured out.

She had asked the farmer close to where she lived if he minded her stripping off in his field for a photo shoot, and he didn't.

Her idea was to be in a field wearing nothing but green wellies with some cows in the background.

I had asked that we have a straw bale close to a gate, which I thought would make an interesting background if the cows didn't turn up.

To his credit, we saw nothing of the farmer once he had escorted us to the right field.

EJ's husband stuck around for a while, watching from a distance, but it didn't take long before he found something better to do and disappeared.

Cows are naturally curious animals and right on cue, they wandered over on the other side of the fence to see what was going on.

EJ faced them in a way that it looked as if they were reacting to her.

As well as up close to the cows, EJ posed on the hay bale before we explored other parts of the field where there was an interesting hollow tree, giving us a less whimsical, more arty setting. EJ also wanted to immerse herself in the pond in another corner of the field, but I think she may have had regrets about that, being rather cold.

She was a real trooper and we managed a few shots there before she needed to dry off and recover.

The images made a very nice book to be a present for her husband, a memento of her time in her life and how bold she had been.

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