Hi Ian!!

Martin loved it.  He was totally surprised.  I can't even describe it, it was awesome!!  I think he watched it 6 or 7 times in a row :-)

When two people live so far apart, even though you can hear their voice through the phone, you begin to miss their face, their smile, and the warmth of their body. 

My boyfriend lives overseas and travels extensively and I wanted to give him some photographs that he could keep with him while he is travelling and often does not have communication means. I was drawn to Ian’s website as it showed intimate photographs as well as being the most professional site I had looked at, unlike many dodgy ones that I had glanced through.   The first consultation with Ian was fantastic and we discussed ideas and expectations. Not only my expectations but what my boyfriend would expect.

As he does travel extensively, Ian and I concluded that the most fabulous gift would be a slideshow of pictures he can keep stored on his laptop (with a password of course) so he can travel with “me”.  Over the next 2 weeks Ian and I moulded the progression of photos to a point where we had a series of events that would allow me to be with my boyfriend through the photographs and also made sure to keep it within my level of comfort.

The end result was perfection.  My boyfriend was blown away not only by how much work I put into his gift but by the personal touches throughout the slideshow that made it “ours”.


My client asked me to keep their photo shoot private, so only anonymous images can be included.

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